Friday, November 27, 2020

new collection

handmade fingerless mittens - new collection handmade fingerless mittens handmade fingerless mittens - new collection

For the ones that can't crochet, I've made a new collection diagonal stiped fingerless mittens.

One pair in black & off white, another pair in anthracite grey & off white.
And for those who don't shy away from a little color;
burgundy red & turquoise blue
yellow ocher & bright pink
orange brown & cobalt blue

You can buy them in my ETSY SHOP.

If you rather want to crochet the mittens yourself, you can find two different crochet patterns for fingerless mittens in my Etsy shop. A fast, fun and easy crochet project. And the mittens are very practical, warm and unisex. Moreover, it's an excellent handmade December gift.

Oh and the top pair on the stack (rusty brown & lilac) didn't make it to this blog post. Sold 3 minutes after I listed them in my etsy shop yesterday.