Tuesday, April 6, 2021

le citron majorelle

le citron majorelle le citron majorelle majorelle lemon

Le Citron Majorelle, edition 2021.

A new lemon on canvas, is inspired on the lemon in Jardin Majorelle.
The lemon canvas is painted with the original Majorelle blue acrylic paint on a canvas size 80 x 60 centimeters.

If you are interested or want more information, you can send an email to info@woodwoolstool.com or a DM via my instagram account @woodwoolstool.

Normally I visit the spectacular garden in Marrakech on every occasion.
How I miss those annual visits to Yves Saint Laurent's garden in Marrakech.

Below a few editions of the lemon parade since 2012 over the years.

marrakech april 2014 citron marrakech april 2012 marrakech april 2016 marrakech april 2015 marrakech october 2018 marrakech october 2015 marrakech october 2014 marrakech october 2014 marrakech april 2018 marrakech april 2016

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