Friday, October 24, 2014

no more cold feet

wood & wool harlequin rug pattern

I've made this harlequin rug with homemade fabric yarn, using piles of old T-shirts of me and my family (with their approval). It's cheap, although I have to admit it's a lot of cutting.

It's a lovely do-it-yourself autumn project.

If you want to make this bedside rug for your home, all you need is a hook size 12 and a huge pile of old T-shirt or about 2000 grams of fabric yarn.

Eversince I made my first harlequin rug, I get lots of questions about the pattern, so the 10-page PATTERN of this harlequin rug is now available in my Etsy shop!

No more cold feet when you step out of bed.

bedroom boucherouite


  1. That looks amazing! And very good against the morning cold feet when getting out of bed :-)

    Take care

  2. Ik heb hier al een aantal T shirten in repen geknipt. Daar moet je inderdaad wel wat tijd voor uit trekken. En ik heb nog langggggggg niet genoed voor een kleed. Ik vind deze wel erg mooi!

  3. yeah. this confirms it. you are awesome. :)