Wednesday, December 21, 2016

annual photobook

yearbook tradition

Since 2007 we make an annual photobook of our 'best' photos.
It has become a tradition to make a selection from our photo archive.
It's a great way to keep the memories of the year alive.
We try to make a chronological overview of our travels and everyday life.
It's quiet difficult to choose from over 6000 pictures, but we always manage to reduce it to about 150 pages
(sometimes we already know during shooting, this one will be in the book...)
Printed photos are precious!
We already have quiet a collection of annual photobooks.
Today we flipped through our 2016 edition (even though if the year is not over yet)

I love to browse through the years every now and then.

On my instagram you can have a look 'inside'.


  1. Oh wow! I just love this idea. I think I have just added it to my collection of traditions. What a fabulous thing to do! I'm always thinking it's such a shame how no-one seems to print photos anymore.

  2. it's a great idea. Friends of mine print a calendar of best photos of the year, i know albums too but I never think to print a book

  3. Wat een mooie traditie!
    Ik wens jullie mooie en warme feestdagen!
    Lieve groet!