Saturday, December 31, 2016

unforgettable moments of 2016

golden shoes london february 2016 among the banana tree marrakech april 2016 rural ride paris june 2016 july 2016 domburg berlin july august 2016 costa nova marrakech october 2016 oficina de mi casa merry christmas

2016 has been a great year.

12 photos, 1 for each month. Randomly chosen.

Those golden sneakers travelled a lot this year.
Londen in February, with my son Minne.
Marrakech in April, for another Cool Crochet workshop.
Paris in June, with my love Henk, son Minne and my friend Rosa.
In July we often went for a day to our favorite beach in Zeeland.
Berlin in August, just the two of us, to celebrate my birthday.
Portugal in September for an amazing roadtrip from Porto to Lisbon.
Marrakech once more, for the 6th Cool Crochet workshop.
The last months of 2016 I've been at home a lot, to work on new projects and enjoy my family and just being at home together.

Two thousand and sixteen was a wonderful year with many happy memories!
I am grateful for that and I'm looking forward to the new adventures in 2017!

Thanks for following my blog and Happy New Year to you all! Xx


  1. Dank je wel voor weer een jaar hele mooie foto's.
    Fijne jaarwisseling en een goed, mooi, fijn en gezond 2017 gewenst.