Friday, December 9, 2016

botanical books

botanical books

New on my desk: Botanical books.

To prepare myself for the Green Gardens workshop in Marrakech next year.
At least, that's my 'excuse' to buy new botanical books.

Plants are the latest trend.

Some years ago I had no plants at all in my house. I prefered flowers.
The temporary beauty of a bunch of flowers on the table. A week to enjoy them and when they are gone, time for a new bunch.

My love for 'evergreens' started early 2015. We started to visit lots of botanical gardens. My love for green is growing eversince.

Slowly but surely, more plants moved in. Some of them moved to the garden during the summer season, but some of them stayed inside all year around.
One of the first plants was the banana plant (or rather mini-tree) on my desk.
Inspired by the beautiful bananatrees in the courtyard of riad Chambres d'Amis, I decided to give it a go.
After a while new banana leaves appeared and the banana plant was doing quiet well on my desk.
I enjoyed to take care of it and was getting an emotional connection, what makes the love for plants so unique.
After the banana tree, more and more plants moved in...
I have a weakness for the larger plants.

Some months ago when we started preparing the Green Garden workshop in Marrakech, we agreed about the professional guided tours we will arrange for all the gardens we will visit during the workshop. I've learned a lot about gardens en plants in the last years, but not enough to call myself a green-guide.

Besides the daily garden visits, we also want to be actively engaged with our daily green experiences.
Everyone will make a personal Green Garden herbarium during the workshop. Collecting leaves, seeds and making drawings of the plants and leaves.
I've found lots of inspiration in the Herbarium book published by Thoth.
The drawings are contemporary and completely different from the historical illustrations. The simple geometric design and vivid colors are very inspiring.
I love to read and learn about the botanical world and I'm beginning to develop a new book addiction...

Below you can find more information about the Green Garden workshops in May and October 2017.

During the workshop we will visit and explore all kinds of gardens in and around Marrakech; An Arabic garden, a rose garden, botanical gardens, secret city gardens, city parks, hidden courtyards, an art garden, museum gardens and vegetable- and herb gardens.

To make the green theme complete, we will also organize a veggie cooking workshop (including vegetables & herbes shopping in de souk). All the participants will get an herbarium notebook, in which they can make daily sketches and collect green memories, such as leaves and seeds.

You will be surprised how green the Red City actually is. Urban jungle adventures with guided tours and delicious moroccan food, make this green travel-workshop unforgettable!

Six days in Marrakech! Green is the theme. Price € 675,00 per person.
The price is based on a shared twin bedroom and excluding flight ticket. It's not possible to book a single room.
It's always possible to book extra nights, before or after the workshop (
- transfer from airport Marrakech to Riad Chambres d'amis (v.v.)
- shared twin bedroom (5 nights) including breakfast in Chambres d'Amis. (no single rooms available)
- 3 dinners & 4 lunches (drinks not included)
- veggie cooking workshop
- collecting green memories in a herbarium
- all excursions in and around Marrakech

SPRING GREEN GARDENS WORKSHOP arrival: Thursday 11th of May - leaving: Tuesday 16th of May
AUTUMN GREEN GARDENS WORKSHOP arrival: Thursday 12th of October - leaving: Tuesday 17th of October

If you would like to join one of the workshops, please send an e-mail for an application form.

Both workshops are a collaboration with my friend Ank van der Pluijm, owner of CHAMBRES D'AMIS, oasis in the Medina of Marrakech and our 'basecamp' during the workshops.

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