Friday, December 30, 2016

december days

december days december days december days

During the last weeks of December I've made two new beanies, because I've sold all the moroccan beanies. A multicolored one and the other one is matching my mittens.

I also made two warm shawls, a black one and a rusty brown one.
The shawl is very easy to make, the fabric looks like it's knitted but actually is an easy crochet technique.

You start with a foundation chain and make the chain as long as you want your shawl to be.
I've made a foundation chain of 250 chain stitches (ch).
All the following rows are worked in half double crochet (hdc).
The first row of stitches is worked into the foundation chain. Always start with 2 ch for the 1st hdc and continue the row with hdc (it's a long row!)
Second and following rows: 250 hdc, but instead of going through both the front and back loop, you insert the crochet hook ONLY through the f r o n t loop of the previous row of hdc.
After some rows you will see a textured crochet fabric that resembles a knitted rib.
My shawl is 24 rows wide, but you can make your shawl as wide as you want.

If you start now, your shawl might be ready before 2017!

(I used a crochet 5 mm hook and about 300 grams of yarn)

If you want to make the beanie, join the cool crochet workshop...


  1. Oh Ingrid they are fab. Thanks for the pattern. A very Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for a wonderful week in April, never to be forgotten.

  2. Happy New Year Ingrid. I am just beginning to crochet after several decades of not doing it. I am not as speedy as you (is anybody?) but as I have arthritis and I never thought I could do this work again, I am enjoying it and my hands are holding up after one small "lapghan" which I finished last night. I am so in love with all your work and your spirit. Have a wonderful New Year!

  3. beannie and shawl are lovely!! thanks for sharing the shawl pattern (never would have thought that it is crochet :)....); lovely new year to you!