Wednesday, March 6, 2019

workspace wednesday


In case you didn't notice yet, i love having a home workspace. It just feels luxurious.

So nice to have a spot where I can hang inspirational photos, art and prints.

Browse my endless piles of design and interior magazines and besides when i’m in my atelier I’m getting things done!

The advantage is that now everything has a place and I can finally find my stuff.
Since I have 'moved in' in what used to be Pippa's room, the rest of the house is considerably tidier, even though things keep popping up in the rest of the house anyway.

I stopped a while ago making recycled wooden stools with crochet covers, which I started making in 2007. This explains the name WOODWOOLSTOOL. Well, the wool-part will stick for a while and the weird name remains unchanged.

After many years (and countless stools) I was ready for something new. Organizing and preparing the workshops in Marrakech also meant that I did not have time for it anymore.

Obviously I keep making things, I could not do otherwise. I get a lot of energy and simply love to create something new.

I recently made covers with Moroccan wool for some vintage steel stools. I instantly fell in love with the 'Carribean blue' frame and design, however the brown plastic seat, could use a makeover.

One of the stools is available in my Etsy shop, as well as the reversible herringbone-chevron pillow.

Now I'm back to work and wish you all a pleasant Wednesday!

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  1. I feel lucky I got a woodwool stool!
    I use it as a couch side end table and have made two more covers for it to swap with the season changes