Thursday, April 25, 2019

plant cuttings

plant cuttings plant cuttings plant cuttings

You can make more plants from your existing house plants, by taking cuttings. Many plants, such as papyrus, zigzag plant (I name it Matisse plant), readily root in a glass of water and can then be transferred to pots.

It may sound challenging , but it's not complicated at all.

Making plants from cuttings is a way to clone the original mother plant and a gratifying process, to increase your stock of plants. Furthermore it is a pleasurable way to surprise someone among your green friends. Any another plant lover will be overjoyed with an 'offspring' of your green plant kids.

I've been taking cuttings from the papyrus and fishbone cactus. Two parts of zigzag plant were snapped anyway, so I decided to use them as cuttings. When you cut a papyrus stem, just trim the 'umbrella' a bit and put it upside down in the water. Roots and new shoots will show up soon. Change the water every now and then.

After a few weeks in the windowsill-nursery, I have potted up the rooted cuttings yesterday.

Mother plants below:

woodwoolstool workspace

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