Monday, April 15, 2019

sneaker storage

sneaker storage sneaker storage sneaker storage sneaker storage

I've 'built up' an elegant and functional storage for my sneakers with colorful crates. The Ay-Kasa crates are foldable & stackable and come in awesome colors.

I figured by folding only the frontside of the crate, it would make an original storage for my sneakers.

It was quite an investment to collect enough crates for my sneakers and one on top for my socks. Let's say, you can buy a cool pair of sneakers instead of 9 crates. I started collecting them a few months ago and purchased the first pile in Antwerp. Some weeks ago I bought some new colors at Evernow in Rotterdam.

The stacking is finished for now and it's a good thing no more crate fit, because the cupboard has reached the sloping attic roof. I'm really happy with the result.

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