Wednesday, April 10, 2019

just smashing, wouldn’t you say?

woodwoolstool harlequin blanket

Yay! Finished another crochet project this week!

It took me almost two months to start weaving in the loose ends of the harlequin blanket. I don't know why, but sometimes it works that way. It only took me an hour to fix it. Today I planned a 'baby blanket shoot' because I'm going to lend the vintage bamboo baby bed to a friend soon.

Making the babyblanket was so much fun! The harlequins are simple small projects, making one or a few a day, is manageable until you have enough harlequins to make a unique baby blanket.

Love the neon harlequins with the pop that it adds. Just smashing, wouldn’t you say?

You can make the harlequin blanket with all types of yarn and in any size you want, from baby blanket to huge kingsize blanket (and everything in between).

The harlequin p a t t e r n is available in my ETSY SHOP.

You can also download the DUTCH version now.

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