Monday, April 8, 2019

striped curtain

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Spicy stripes for the curtain in the dormer window on our sloping attic room.

A good crochet project to use the colored wool from marrakech, in very easy filet-crochet harlequin pattern. I started it some weeks ago, not knowing what it would be.

Well, in the end it's a 'crocheted curtain anno 2019' and obviously it was not exactly fitting the window size. Do you see the subtle line? I subsequently made it a little bit longer. That's what I like about handmade; never perfect...

The colorful crochet fabric is made horizontal, but I preferred to hang it vertically.

In our (almost) all-white attic bedroom it's okay to use some colour.
I am thrilled with how serene this space turned out with the filtered light. Great atmosphere!


  1. Prachtig! En ik vind je 'overgordijnen' ook heel goed gevonden, hamam-doeken.

  2. I adore your curtain. I also made "drapes" (floor to almost-ceiling) for our front reading room in all scraps of wonderful bright colors and hung them at two sides of double windows with sheers in the center. Love them. Love yours!