Sunday, January 21, 2018

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huge harlequin blanket pattern

A huge thanks to you all for the nice comments on the harlequin blanket and respect for this huge crochet project!

When I've been working on a project for a long time, I sometimes forget how cool it actually is...

I would like to share one more photo of the huge harlequin blanket, from my side of the bed.

Since the beginning of the Cool Crochet workshops in Marrakech, the harlequin technique is a popular and recurring project. During the Cool Crochet workshop, we 'work' every day on a new small project/technique. The harlequin is a fun way to learn, how to increase and decrease.

If you feel like joining us in the beautiful surroundings of Marrakech, you can sign up for the workshop in April 2018 (October is already fully booked). The program is truly amazingly versatile. The Cool Crochet workshop is a great way to discover Marrakech, in an authentic and alternative way!

And don't get the impression you have to crochet all day, above all it's an adventure, an experience and a relaxing treat to yourself!

It would be great to meet you in Marrakech this spring! Think about it...

More information about the workshops, you can find in the sidebar >>

The harlequin pattern you can download in my Etsy shop.

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