Wednesday, January 3, 2018

huge harlequin blanket

huge harlequin project

Hello everyone! Hello 2018!

Somewhere in 2017 I started this huge harlequin project. Perhaps just a little too ambitious but I'm sure it will be awesome in the end.

A huge harlequin blanket, king size bed blanket for the attic.

The thing with ambitious projects like these, they seem never ending...

Because it's impossible to do this blanket in one go, I need smaller side projects to work on simultaneously.

On New Year's Eve I put the parts down on the floor and discovered that I only had to crochet two more huge harlequins.

So I finished the last two harlequins and I intend to finish the blanket this month.
Attaching all parts to one another, the tricky part...
I made a start yesterday evening and it feels good to finally finish the blanket.

Hopefully we can actually use the blanket this winter season.

Cheers to 2018!

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