Monday, February 12, 2018

broom branch & cotton caftan

black striped kaftan black striped kaftan

A handmade broom from my last visit to Yves' garden in Marrakech.

Way too big to stick in my herbarium, during the Green Gardens workshop.

The dried date palm branch, is still used everywhere in Marrakech to sweep the streets.
Although it is not a practical object to bring home in your suitcase, I did it anyway.
The broom was twice as thick, but I left half of it with my dear friend Ank at Chambres d'Amis in Marrakech.
My half is a cool decoration in the hallway and sometimes I even use it to remove the leaves, that sneak in through the front door in the hallway.

I also brought some kaftans from Morocco last October, for those who need a kaftan in their lives...

The black striped cotton kaftan on the coat rack, is for sale in my S H O P (the last ones)
During the colder months, it's comfortable to wear at home and perfect stylish loungewear after a bath or shower.

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