Monday, February 5, 2018

fresh font & pure cards

woodwoolstool cards woodwoolstool cards woodwoolstool cards

A fresh font and spicy colored cards.

A good way to start this week, new workshop cards and a header update.

When I'm talking about the workshops in Marrakech with interested people, it sometimes is difficult to explain the meaning of woodwoolstool.

I tell them, how it all started years ago; my handmade stools, made of scrap wood and a woolen cover... Well at least it explains the name of my blog, i started in 2009, however 'woodwoolstool' not really covers the Cool Crochet and Green Gardens workshop in Marrakech.

On the other hand, I don't want to change the name, because I like it and a lot of people know me by that name and some even call me; hej woodwoolstool...

I never can hand a card, when someone asks for it, because I always forget to take them with me. So I decided, it's time to change that and designed a new card for the travel workshops in Marrakech.

I picked one of my favorite photos, a typical moroccan iron door with a harlequin, I took last year in Marrakech.

Also my font needed an update and I came across a cool new font! The typography reminded me of handmade moroccan Zelliges tiles and to choose the right pure color was easy... Pure Marrakech!