Wednesday, February 21, 2018

captivating corner

captivating corner

While I am washing my hands, my eye catches the natural colors of the simple utensils and the light, in the corner of the sink.

I'm very visual and can be overwhelmed by a feeling of bliss all of a sudden, by the appeal of 'something simple'.

Our kitchen, an easy, real life space with stuff collected over time.
Kitchen utensils with functionality and personality;
The simplicity of two cutting boards against the kitchen wall.
A small twig, in a soda bottle, because it was just too small to join the magnolia bouquet.
and the shades of the tiles, which seem to change every moment of the day...

and I realise, I'm glad to enjoy the simple things.
(even though it is sometimes exhausting to see 'everything' and to capture the moment afterwards with my camera, haha..)


  1. peach and pink are one of my favorite color combinations. Like Diana Vreeland said, "Pink is the navy blue of India". It certainly is for Mexico, and I suspect morocco too.

  2. I like the colours too!