Wednesday, February 14, 2018

cool crochet project in green & pink

cool crochet project in green & pink cool crochet project in green & pink

Working on a new cool crochet project in green & pink.

This wool mixture with bright color spots, coming from an old local wool wholesale in the medina, where we always buy our wool supplies for the cool crochet workshop, is by far my favorite yarn to work with. It's soft and has a tweed effect and the colors are gorgeous.

Currently I'm working on a new project for the workshop in Marrakech in April. It's a herringbone pattern.

I made a pillow in the same pattern (white & golden yellow) a while ago and now I'm trying to crochet and write the pattern at the same time. The herringbone effect is super nice, seems more complicated than it is and I also love the wrong side of the work. Somehow it looks more appealing and interesting.

I often like the wrong side of crochet fabric... Is it a deviation or do you think so too?

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  1. Beauty again! Love these colours and the back Side is really nice as well. Would be nice if there were cool crocket workshops hete in the Netherlands as well...