Thursday, February 8, 2018

tulips join the book table

vintage tulip chairs vintage tulip chairs

Vintage tulip arm chairs by ? at the book table.

The iron table was my former worktable & home desk, now serving as a book table for quite a while and it’s chock full with our favorite books and (interior) magazines.

Joining the iron table is the best spot for the newest vintage design furniture.
I think we will take the tulip chairs outside, by the time the garden doors can be opened again. There even is a small water drain hole in the seats, so it's suitable as outdoor furniture as well.

I really like the new peek into living room, from every corner and paired with just the right amount of houseplants, books and the oak herringbone floor. I'm in love with this place...


  1. These are so cool and what a book collection! Maybe You could do a little list of Your favourite ones worth buying?

  2. Wat een toppers! Geweldige stoelen en wat staan ze mooi bij jullie in huis!

  3. Isn't it fun how a new piece(s) of furniture makes you change things up in your arrangement of your home?! Thanks for sharing the constant evolution of your style.