Wednesday, October 30, 2019

daybed sofa - paul smith, moroccan style

daybed sofa daybed sofa daybed sofa daybed sofa daybed sofa daybed sofa

Ta-da! our 'new' daybed sofa.

October interior boost! Two unique handwoven moroccan blankets completely changed the look of this corner.

The vintage bamboo daybed is transformed into a striped sofa, by replacing the mishmash of pillows by 3 sturdy pillows.

I sewed three pillow covers and used the fabric of one blanket. The daybed is covered with the another blanket.

It's an utterly different sofa. A sophisticated striped sofa. Paul Smith, moroccan style ;-)

I just love it!

And nothing new was purchased for the change of the daybed corner. Klimt painting and desk lamp on the table, we re-decorated with the things we had. Something I love too.


  1. Door wat je verder allemaal hebt toegevoegd, oogt de strepen-sofa toch niet druk. Heerlijk nieuw huis.

    1. dankjewel Jeanette, klopt! we zijn er ook superblij mee :-)