Saturday, October 26, 2019

eclectic style

eclectic style eclectic style eclectic style eclectic style

Well, to cut a vintage moroccan handwoven blanket into pieces was the most scary part of my newest project...

A beautiful unique piece! I bought the blanket in Marrakech some years ago.

I'm gonna make some sturdy pillows for our bamboo daybed, so we can also use it as a sofa. And not just to hang on or take a nap on it.

The plan was to make all three covers today. It already took me forever to make the first cut. After a few hours, a couple of broken needles, I finally succeeded to finish only one pillow cover with a zipper at the bottom. The woven fabric is quite a challenge to sew!

Pillow one is done! I am more than satisfied with the result, especially with my average sewing skills it was a tricky project.

Monday I will continue with the two remaining covers. First purchase a few spare needles, before I can continue. At least now I know how to do it and the other two pillows will be 'a piece of cake'.

The advantage of my studio is that I can close the door and leave everything on the floor and don't have to tidy up the mess.

Have a nice and relaxing weekend everyone! ... and some of you may enjoy an extra hour of sleep tonight.

PS: In the next post I will take you back to Essaouira again.

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