Sunday, May 22, 2016

eclectic pixels

daybed daybed daybed

Popping pixels! Love at first sight, when I spotted our 'new' handmade pixel daybed spread.

It's an oldie from eastern europe with a colorful flower border, craftsmanship with an eclectic embroidery technique and lacy crochet.

Last week it was actually laying on our bed end, but I prefer to enjoy it all day, so the bright pixel blanket moved to the daybed in our livingroom.


  1. Wat een geweldige vondst! Staat echt prachtig op je daybed. Geniet ervan!

  2. I´ve never thought about this idea but it´s definitelly a good one! Thanks for the inspiration, I might give it a try and make one for myself :) Best, Kitti

  3. Wonderful inspiration! Thank you for sharing it with us :) Jolana